This series of large oil paintings is about abundance and the spirit of Mother Earth.
Painting a variety of females of different ages and ethnicities, the artist intends to capture
the unity between all people, and send a message of all that the earth offers to us.
The large fruits and smiling women offer an opportunity to receive. Click image.

These oil paintings are based on old black and white photographs of Meher Baba.
The drawings are inspired by and symbolic of an inner relationship with the Beloved.
Click on the image to view a selection of works about Meher Baba currently available for purchase.

These large pastel drawings of Goddesses and Gods come from a place within. The intention is to
see what wants to come out, and help it evolve until it feels complete. Click on the image to view
some of the works about Goddesses and Gods currently available for purchase.

These intimate pencil drawings are created from an intuitive place, similar to automatic writing.
They are metaphors for the artist's personal journey. The bird woman appears repeatedly as a
symbol for the artist herself.

Collage is one of the artist's favorite mediums. Each collage is a visual poem of rich textures
and images that open a window to states of being. To view collages currently available
for purchase, click on the image. Many more unique collages are available.

The chakras are the 7 energy centers in the body, each vibrating a different color. These abstract
collages explore each color, from the root chakra (red) at the base of the spine, up to the crown
chakra (violet) at the top of the head, and beyond.

These paintings of friends are based on portrait photographs taken by the artist.
Portraits of women, men, and children have been painted from life sittings
and from photos. The artist accepts portrait commissions. Click on the image to view portraits
currently available for purchase as well as examples of recent portrait commissions.

Painting from direct observation, in these small still lives, the artist sets up statuettes and
fruits, creating relationships between goddess imagery from several cultures.

These non-objective paintings explore harmony through shape, color and direction, expressing
the formless in our world of form.

Color, intuition, and narrative take form as figures and become metaphors for states of being.

Artist Information: Click on the image to find out about the artist's background and/or
to contact Marla Faith.