Description about graphite works

These small intimate pencil drawings come from a place of intuition. Marla begins to doodle to see what will emerge, like a mirror into her psyche. As they develop, she is careful to take them where they want to go, to stay authentic and allow them to organically evolve until they feel complete. It is a meditative experience, as they contain the artist's personal symbolism. Feel free to contact the artist with questions about any of these. They are all for sale.

Description about works on paper with color

The artist loves to play in different mediums, and to mix the mediums on one page. Her drawing desk usually has access to watercolors, gouache, water soluble crayons, crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils, watercolors, graphite, and more- all sharing space with their colorful beckoning. The majority of works here come from imagination, though a few are from direct observations or photographs. Please feel welcome to ask questions about the meaning of any of them. Sometimes the title is a doorway in. Each work here is available for sale. Contact the artist for prices.