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Thirty five works of art accompany the artists poems. The book is divided into three sections: DARK is a childhood memoir; GRAY are poems of mourning; and LIGHT holds mystical poems of divine joy. This 9"x9" paperback is lovingly and beautifully laid out by Sheriar Publications.

Praise for the book

From Daniel Ladinsky, international bestselling Penguin Random House author of poetry:

"I love this title- Listening to the Bones. Listening is one of the greatest acts of kindness to others (and our self) and one of the alchemy stones we need. I have been working with poetry for 25 years and at the very highest levels of publishing in the world. It is rare, I feel, to find so many lines of real poetry in one book. And the wonderful art just ups the gold content here even more. A giant congrats to you, Marla, hope this fine, fine book is welcomed by many eyes and hearts around the planet."

From Susan Shockley, Curator at The Parthenon, Nashville, TN:

"Marla's art is a delight! Her use of different mediums and techniques adds complexity to the book. This works as a picture book, and when paired with the poems the images become even more charged with meaning. Marla's writing is so descriptive that visual images are conjured up through her honest, nimble, and poignant poetry. As I read, it felt as though time had slowed down, and existence became clearer."

Listening to the Bones: 9"x 9" paperback book: art and poemeditations

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