Portrait Commissions

The artist loves to paint portraits- not just to capture a likeness, but to render someone's spirit in color is very gratifying to the painter and the sitter. The portraits displayed are created from photographs that the artist takes of the sitter. Working from life is an option as well! Please contact the artist about commissioning a portrait of you, your loved one, or your pet.

figurative still lives

These small to medium sized oil on canvasses were created to demonstrate the oneness of the deities in different religious paths. Here, Kuan Yin hangs out with Athena, Mary and Lakshmi watch over the strawberries together, etc. Manjushri opens the door to this tribe, with her ignorance cutting sword held high, to let us know that we are all connected. Namaste means that the divinity in me recognizes and bows to the divinity in you. I hope to bring more peace and beauty into the world through my art. All paintings here are for sale, please inquire about prices.